Don't Skip Your Annual Vision Exam

Schedule your appointment at our office in Washington, Williamsburg, Tiffin or Fairfield, IA

Do you recall your last eye exam? Eye exams are very important for your health because they allow your optometrist to test for vision problems, eye conditions and diseases. Problems like myopia and hyperopia rarely go away on their own. If you wear glasses or contacts, a yearly vision exam is essential to make sure your prescription is correct.

At Axis Vision Care, we perform vision testing for all ages. You can make an appointment at one of our offices in Washington, Williamsburg, Tiffin or Fairfield, IA. Call us right away if you're experiencing:

Double vision
Blurred vision
Dry, itchy eyes

Some vision changes are so gradual, you may not notice them. That's why it's important to get the appropriate vision testing at one of our local offices.

Know what to expect at your eye exam

When you come in for an eye exam, our staff will do everything possible to make you comfortable. During your visit, we will:

Review your medical history
Discuss hereditary medical conditions and eye diseases
Conduct visual acuity tests
Check eye coordination, movement and focus
Examine the interior of your eye
Measure eye pressure

All these tests may seem like a lot, but early detection of these conditions can save your sight. Set up your annual vision exam at one of our offices right away.