Caring for Your Children's Eyes Is Essential

Bring them in for a pediatric eye exam in Washington, Williamsburg, Tiffin or Fairfield, IA

Catching vision problems when your child is young is important for their overall health, especially because many problems can go unnoticed for years. Your child might not question certain sight issues if they were born with them. The children's eye doctor at Axis Vision Care can give you peace of mind by performing a full pediatric eye exam to check for common health issues. Our team has extensive knowledge about pediatric vision and can catch problems while they're still small.

Take control of your children's vision care. Schedule a pediatric eye exam at our office in Washington, Williamsburg, Tiffin or Fairfield, IA today.

Start vision care young

In order to make exams more accessible to families, the team at Axis Vision Care travels to all the local elementary schools and performs a free pediatric eye exam for each child in need. Our team is highly trained to spot any childhood eye disease. We make it easy on your child and easy on you.

Good eye care begins young, so it's important for even infants to get their eyes checked. Make an appointment with a children's eye doctor in Washington, Williamsburg, Tiffin or Fairfield, IA to find out more about your child's vision health.