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About the Contact Lens Exam

A contact lens exam includes all of the aspects of a comprehensive eye exam as well as some special tests and steps that are not performed during those routine exams. It takes a little longer and should be specified when you make your appointment with the eye doctor.

Once your vision needs have been accessed, the eye doctor will take some measurements of your eyes and ask questions about your daily life to determine if contacts are right for you as well as what type of contact is needed. For example, if you suffer from dry eye the doctor will be more likely to prescribe scleral lenses whereas those without that irritating condition can often use basic soft lenses.

The key is to find contact lenses that provide good vision, fit properly, and are comfortable for you to wear. Once the type of lens needed is determined, the eye doctor can write a prescription that indicates the diameter of the lens, the base curve so that it matches the curvature of your eye, and power.

Often, once it has been determined that you are a viable candidate for contact lenses, you will be given a pair of trial lenses to wear while waiting for the permanent pair to be ready. Once the initial tearing has stopped and the lens has stabilized in your eye, the eye doctor can make a proper evaluation of how they fit.

Follow Up for Your Contact Lenses

Contact lenses require more follow up appointments than eyeglasses do. This is to ensure that the lens is still fitting properly, that it is not damaged, that it is not damaging your eye's surface, and that they are properly correcting for any visual acuity problems. In addition, the doctor will ask about the comfort of your contacts and any problems you may have had with them.

It is important that the eye doctor is able to monitor the health of your eyes. It is essential when wearing contact lenses to ensure that they are not exacerbating any current issues or creating new ones such as infection.

Do you wear contact lenses? Share your contact lens examination experience with others considering using contacts in the comments section.

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